Itinerary etc. Argentina-Uruguay 2016

1.Jan.3 Oslo-Madrid. Flying  Norwegian.  Hotel Francisco 1 in Madrid. Good.

2. Jan 4 Madrid-Montevideo flying  Air Europe. Very good.

3. Jan 5 – 10 With friends in Las Toscas about one hour’s drive from Montevideo.

4. Jan 10 – by bus to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.   Posada El Viajero. Excellent.

5. Jan. 11 – by boat(Seacat) from Colonia to Buenos Aires, 1,5 hours.  Airbnb one night in Palermo, close to domestic airport. Restaurant Rio Alba. Very good.

6. Jan.12-16 Flying to Mendoza. Aerolinas Argentina.  Excellent company. Hostel Lao, superb, great fun, lovely garden and company. Activities: Winetasting – biking- walking – visiting Parque Aconcagua in rented car.Fabulous.

7. Jan.16 -19 Flying Aeorolinas Argentina to Salta.  Hotel Wilson. Very good.

8. Jan.19- Salta – Cuesto el Bispo – Cachi in rented car. Perfil car agency. Less than four hours ride.   Merced el Alta hotel in Cachi.  Outstanding.

9. Jan. 20. Cachi-Cafayate  in rented car. 4 hrs and 40 min. Overnight in Casa de la Bodega, small wine farm 18 km. north of Cafayate. Excellent.

10. Jan. 21. Cafayate – Salta in rented car. Hotel Wilson.

11. Jan. 22-24 Salta – Purmamarca, Jujuy province in rented car. 3 hrs ride. Two nights in  hotel Casa de Piedra. Expensive and below average.

12. Jan.24-25 Tilcara. Posada Canto del Viento. Not recommended.Walked Garganta del Diablo.Drove to Humahuaca.

13. Jan. 25 Tilcara-Salta.2 1/2 hrs. ride.  Hotel Wilson.

14. Jan. 26. Salta – Iguazu. Overnight bus. Tigre Company. Three stops! Very demanding.  Not recommended.

15. Jan.27-31 Iguazu. Hotel St. Georges in Puerto Iguazu. Excellent.

16. Jan. 31 – Febr 7 Flying Iguazu – Buenos Aires. Aerolinas Argentina.Stayed in Palermo Viejo Bed and Breakfast in Buenos Aires. Excellent.

17. Febr. 7 by boat, Buquebus,  to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay.  Rented car and drove to Montevideo, 2 hours ride. Hotel Royal. Ok.

18 Febr. 8 by rented car Montevideo – Punta del Este. Hotel la Palma. Good.

19. Febr. 9- 13  By car from Punta del Este to La Pedrera. Hotel La Pedrera. Very good. Visited Cabo Colonia.

20. Febr. 13-16 By car from La Pedrera to Montevideo. Hotel Presidente. Outstanding.

21. Febr 16. Montevideo – Madrid. Air Europe.

22. Febr. 17.-18. Madrid. Hotel Moderno. Early check in. Superb. Good bargain.

23. Febr. 18. Flying Norwegian to Oslo.

I have reviewed most of the hotels on Trip advisors and some of the excursions, car rides and events,  as well as restaurants. Please ask me if you need more information.



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